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D301 Blocks DS.jpg

D301 Blocks DS

D302 Bookcases DS.jpg

D302 Bookcases DS

D303 Spinning Books DS.jpg

D303 Spinning Books DS

D304 Matilda Random DS.jpg

D304 Matilda Random DS

D1000 Liviving Room DS.jpg

D1000 Matilda Living Room DS

D200 Matilda Office DS.jpg

D200 Matilda Office DS

D234 Living Room DS.jpg

D234 Living Room Interior DS

D202 Tent  DS.jpg

D202 Tent DS

D182 Apartment DS.jpg

D182 Apartment  DS

D249 Old Time Gym  DS.jpg

D249 Old Time Gym DS

D226 Cheery Tree Lane Interior DS.jpg

D226 Cherry Tree Interior DS

Digital images come in a 16:9 aspect ratio for most devices. Certain devices such as iPad and other tablets may be in 4:3 scale but you can also adjust your projector settings to transform the image to fit your needs.

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