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Step into the magical land of Munchkinland with our breathtaking theatrical backdrop. The vibrant colors and whimsical architecture transport you to the fantastical world of "The Wizard of Oz." The Munchkinland JaDuke Wallpaper is a visual feast for the eyes, capturing the wonder and magic of this beloved story. 

3 Munchkin Houses (3 Panels)

  • Introducing JaDuke Wallpaper, crafted from premium 20 oz fire-retardant material. Designed for durability and safety, our wallpaper is the perfect choice for theatrical productions. Simply construct wooden flats and apply our wallpaper using Elmer's White Glue, and witness the transformation as your stage comes alive with stunning and immersive artwork. Elevate your production with ease and confidence, thanks to JaDuke Wallpaper's exceptional quality and ease of installation. Experience the seamless combination of functionality and aesthetics, as our wallpaper enhances the visual appeal of your set, delivering a professional and polished look every time.

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