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Our "Delta Nu House" theatrical backdrop is a delightful and vibrant representation of the iconic sorority house from the hit musical Legally Blonde. Its cheerful pastel colors and charming architecture instantly evoke a sense of sisterhood and camaraderie. From the charming front porch to the stylishly decorated exterior, every detail of the backdrop captures the essence of the Delta Nu Sorority House.


The backdrop's inviting and welcoming atmosphere sets the stage for memorable scenes of friendship, laughter, and empowerment. It provides the perfect backdrop for the energetic musical numbers and heartwarming moments that unfold within its walls. With its cheerful ambiance and vibrant aesthetics, our "Delta Nu House" theatrical backdrop creates a sense of joy and excitement that will resonate with audiences, bringing the spirit of sisterhood to life on stage.

D263 Delta Nu House (D263)

SKU: D263
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